Global Community Church

QuadW Summer Missional Internship

“Radical servanthood challenges us to reveal the gentle presence of our compassionate God in the midst of our broken world.”

– Henry Nouwen


“Missions is the overflow of our delight in God because missions is the overflow of God’s delight in being God.”

– John Piper

What is QuadW?

The QuadW Missional Internship is a paid summer internship for college-age young adults. Interns are deeply immersed in relationally serving a local community in the name of Jesus, while in the context of living and practicing spiritual disciplines together. Why? To develop leaders – the kind of leaders who live out their faith in such a way as to change lives and communities through the sharing of God’s unconditional love.

Our church is excited to partner and host QuadW Missional Interns for the summer in the greater Columbus Area. Interns will be stretched beyond their comfort zones as they serve those in need and live in Christian community with one another. They will be equipped and trained to make a difference in the world. And they will experience the joy of their salvation in ways they never imagined!


“It is surely a fact of inexhaustible significance that what the Lord left behind Him was not a book, nor a creed, nor a system of thought, nor a rule of life, but a visible community.”

– Lesslie Newbigin

The Work of the Internship

The QuadW Missional Internship experience has six primary components:


Hands-On Missional Service

As an intern, you will be placed in a challenging ministry environment where you will do hands-on community ministry. This aspect will be a cooperative effort of pastors, congregations, and area agencies who focus on under-served populations.

Community Living

Truly living in Christian community is an incredibly challenging but deeply rewarding experience. During the summer internship, you will live and work with a large group of diver secollege students, working out what it means to live our faith together. Over the course of the summer, you will likely develop relationships that will last a lifetime. As interns have shared in the past, “we arrived as strangers, but we leave as family.”

Spiritual Disciplines

Weekly worship together as interns and at host churches, as well as weekly “Life Transformation Groups” or “LTG’s” (groups of two or thress of the same genders who meet for the purpose of accountability, Scripture reflection, and prayer). Please note that part of the LTG experience is
the commitment to a weekly Scripture reading plan.

Mentoring / Coaching

Time with experienced missional leaders to process field experiences on a deeper personal level. This will occur in a team setting as well as one-on-one.

Equipping Sessions

This weekly training is to help you re-evaluate what it really means to follow Jesus, move beyond a consumer spirituality, focus on the needs of the world, and prepare to launch future initiatives that contribute to the transformation of communities. The equipping sessions will involve required weekly reading and reflection prior to the group gathering.

Next Step Planning

Developing concrete strategies and plans for the future so that what is learned through the internships is applied in the communities to which you will return. This internship is meant to be much more than a summer-only experience. Past interns have gone on to initiate bold new ministries in their own communities and serve as agents of change in the life of their student-ministries and congregations.

What can I expect?

We are located near the Ohio State University, five-to-ten-minutes walking distance from our local building. It is arguably, the biggest university in the United States; it has the enrollment of 65,000 students. Our proximity to a large urban university campus gives us access to many local churches, parachurches, diverse communities, government and non-profit agencies, and missional organizations to develop various urban ministries in partnership.

Possible ministry opportunities during this summer:

  • *OSU, Columbus State University, and Otterbein University Campus Ministry
  • *Conversational Partner with International Students at the Ohio State University
  • *Global Summer Tutoring, Middle and High School Students Working with the new immigrants and refugee families (Hispanic, Sierra Leone, Nepalese, Somali, Haitian, and Cambodian)
  • *Various Inner-City Youth Programs and Outreach
  • *Working with local community shelter and food pantry
  • *Help Organize Conferences
  • *Yard work with a minor renovation in Ministry sites

“Wherever you are – be all there!”

– Jim Elliot